Imagine you are advertising оn a WiFi hotspot in London:



Case study

Agency: Publicis Sofia, Client: Groupe Renault

Brief: For the launch of the new Renault Megane, Publicis needed to find a way to access specific target group of upper mid-class audience, specifically well-paid young professionals and managers.

Solution: Publicis decided to use ADViFi as a marketing channel to gain access to the working Millennials, having lunch and dinner at preselected high-end restaurant chains. When visitors connected to the WiFi at the venues, they saw Renault adverts about the launch of their new model, incentivizing them to discover more about the product.

The results: 7,282 people saw the advert 2,065 clicked on it the campaign recorded 28.3 % CTR

” Thanks to AdviFi, we now have a clear statistics picture of our clients’ mobile usage. This gives us the opportunity to precisely target customer which would have otherwise been impossible to reach via alternative digital channels. ”

K. Stoev, PM Club
Joining AdviFi as a WiFi Venue is FREE.

Our system is compatible with all routers devices with a hotspot feature (via remote configuration or additional plug and play device). Simply register here and we will be in contact with you shortly to confirm your infrastructure and potential!

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AdviFi platform works in 34 venues including :

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