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Wi-Fi Advertising network in Europe

We are a start-up, funded by the London-based marketing technology VC fund, called Collider.

AdviFi's aim is to reinvent mobile marketing by creating a new marketing channel that generates added value for all parties involved. We base our idea on a win-win-win model - WiFi hotspots earn advertising revenue; Advertisers take advantage of precise targeting based on users' location and consumer behaviour; Customers see advertisements that are highly relevant to their needs and preferences.

We help your success

Major and small companies, local and international brands that want to align their advertising budgets to the latest ad tech, using AdviFi novel targeting tools. Marketers of these companies or their agencies are aware that besides flexibility, our ad network offers competitive pricing. If used with an accurate and consistent approach, our platform could deliver high CTR and convertion rates.
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Wi-Fi Hotspots
Various kinds of venues world wide could register on AdviFi for free! In order to start generating advertising income throughout your router device, venues such as hotel, restaurants, train stations, buses, taxi companies, malls or other, should first register on AdviFi. Based on the type of your router device, you will receive guidelines how to set up your router and start showing adverts, starting from day one.
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We believe that by utilizing the Wi-Fi connection, AdviFi could open new horizons to the advertising business world wide

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