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Types of targeting at AdviFi advertising network :


Type of location
Display your adverts to users located at the most relevant locations for you, such as cafes, restaurants, pubs, hotels, malls etc. Example : You manage the advertising of a restaurant and you wish to attract all tourists at London? You could choose your adverts to appear on the Wi-Fi landing page at all the hotels in the city that are registered on AdviFi.
Radius, region, city
Choose the wifi hotspots that are closest to your business. Thus, with AdviFi you could decrease the distance between online advertisement and offline transaction. Additionally, you could choose a time period during which AdviFi system will display your different campaigns.


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Advertisers display their adverts via special banner placement on the mobile landing page that opens upon connecting to the internet at the given location from users’ smartphone, tablet or computer.



Thanks to AdviFi, now we have a clearer statistics picture of our clients’ mobile usage. This gives us the opportunity to do precise customer targeting that would have otherwise been impossible through alternative digital channels.
– Kalin Stoev / PM Club


Mock up examples of how adverts would be displayed

example wifi adverts w1fi

wifi adverts london uk

ads on wifi


Additional information

AdviFi is an ad network that allows you to target your users based on their real-time location or the business type of the venue they are located in. Your adverts could be shown to users that are located at different venues such as hotels, malls, gyms etc.

  • The system supports cost-per-click ( CPC ) pricing
  • Advertisement could be order at one, as well as at all the available locations immediately
  • Adverts could be displayed at all the wifi venues in a certain sector ( ex. all the bars at the city center of Manchester )
  • The minimum advertising budget is 50 EUR. The price per click is 0.15 EUR.
  • All adverts will be reviewed by AdviFi team
  • Wi-Fi hotspots have the right to cancel an advert on the basis of their internal advertising policies
  • Adverts could be launched and stopped at real-time directly from the Advertiser admin profile
  • Every advert campaign has a detailed statistics about its performance ( impressions, CTR etc. )
  • Once added, your budget will be valid for 6 months


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We are contanstly improving our advertising system by adding new features and Wi-Fi hotspots