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Do you set-up the Wi-Fi network?

We enable you to monetize on your already existing Wi-Fi network by making it a unique advertising channel

I have seen Wi-Fi add platforms at airports, is AdviFi like those?

You have most probably seen a similar façade, yet without the same substance behind it. That is, our system offers an integrated open add platform, as opposed to most existing add or e-mail gathering static pop-ups.

What’s the benefit if I subscribe my venue to the AdviFi add network?

AdviFi is a mobile marketing network that allows your router device to display third-party adverts to all Wi-Fi users in your venue. In your capacity of a Wi-Fi network “vendor”, you receive a percentage of the revenue generated by the ads.

Is my venue suitable for becoming a Wi-Fi hotspot within the AdviFi network?

If you own a restaurant, hotel, cafeteria, shopping mall or any similar venue that offers an active Wi-Fi connectivity and has a monthly visitor count of at least a thousand people, then your place has the full capacity to reap the benefits provided by our system.

Do I need to pay an installation fee?

No. Installation is carried out by our specialists and is free of charge. Depending on your preferences, your in-house specialists can also make the necessary settings on your router device.

Are their any other “hidden” fees?

No. We benefit only if you benefit. We think this is the only way sustainable business relationships can be built.

What type of ads will be displayed to visitors?

You can choose what type of ads to be displayed, meaning that you are free to tailor them to the type of business you operate in or to any of your business partners. That is, only the information that is most relevant to the specific type of users visiting your venue will be displayed. For example, if you own a restaurant, you can set up the add stream such that your users see ads of beverages; if you manage a hotel, you can choose the AdviFi network to display tourist agency ads or ads of events (concerts, exhibitions) that take place near the hotel.

Can I control what ads are displayed?

Yes.  You can monitor all active ads that your WiFi network is displaying by logging in your AdviFi profile. You can manually select which ones to be displayed at a specific point in time. Currently, on the basis of automatically preset categories, our platform does not allow competitive businesses to advertise simultaneously.

Should I make effort to find advertisers?

No, you can spare that effort in case you do not have the time and ability to look for advertisers. In fact, AdviFi serves as an intermediary between advertisers and locations – it is our job to find the ads that are most suitable for your location. You have the option to monitor what ads are being displayed. According to your own preferences, you can choose to filter which ads are displayed and which are not.

Where exactly will the advert be displayed?

When users connect to your Wi-Fi, their browser will be automatically opened, where the advert will be hosted. Based on users’ personal choice, they could either click on the advert, or skip it.

What will be shown when there are no adverts?

In this scenario, we allow your Wi-Fi venue to display its own adverts for free. For example, you could display your lunch menu or lead your customers to your Facebook page.

If I have more than just one venue / restaurant / hotel could I simultaneously advertise on each other?

Yes, for free.

Can I advertise my own business on other external Wi-Fi hotspots?

Yes. From the Wi-Fi hotspot account, you will also have the opportunity to display your advert on other venues, relevant to your business.

Does AdviFi new functionality would affect my internet speed?

No. The settings that would be applied to your router are not related to the internet speed. The only change that will be made is to allow your router to display adverts in the browser.

What is required from me to take part at AdviFi?

You would have to maintain an active internet connection with a Wi-Fi service available. Then you would need to register your venue on AdviFi, so you will be able to observe stats about your adverts and income.

When and how can I encash the profits?

When your profits reach 50 euro, you will be able to withdraw the money through bank.

In what frequency the ads will be show up?

The ads will show up every time when a user tries to establish connection with your object’s Wi-Fi network. The internet session lasts 1 hour and the ads shows up again when the hour is over.

Can I collect users’ email information with WiFi.com?

Yes, you can do that with an additional page which will serve as an ad that will encourage the users to do an email subscription. This ad will lead to a subscription form which should be provided by you.

Will the ads be loaded in all kind of devices?

Yes. The system shows the ad through the browser and every mobile or desktop device will be able to load it.

Will it be possible for the users who use only the Facebook app to see the ad?

Yes. The system will activate the browser when an attempt for connecting to Wi-Fi is established. In order to connect, the client will have to see the ad.

What settings must be made on my router in order to show ads from AdviFi?

The settings are specific and depend on the type of your router. You can email us a photo of your router or the name of the model and our team will respond with information about the setting that must be done.

Is AdviFi’s technical support the only option for the installation of the service?

No. It is recommended the installation to be done by the client’s technical staff. Our team will be able to guide the staff through each step of the process for your router. If you don’t have a technical staff, we can provide a specialist from our team to do the necessary settings. So far we can provide technical support only for Sofia.

I want to change my router. What kind of router should I buy?

An excellent example for a router with good price-quality relationship is set by Ubiquity Unifi. It is more like an “access point” device than router, but it is one of the Wi-Fi options, that is accessible from distance and will be easy for us to adjust the necessary settings no matter in which country resides your business.

Can I ask the internet provider to discuss the details with you?

Yes. After you register in our system, you can ask the technical support of your internet connection do discuss the technical details with us.

Do you provide routers?

No. WiFi.com works only with the technical stock that is already on site. This is the way we can guarantee free installation with no investment for the business.

Can I uninstall the service of AdviFi?

Yes. If the advertising platform doesn’t work for you, you can easy come back to the original settings of your Wi-Fi connection.

I am a system administrator and I work for many places. Can I gain extra profit?

Yes, you can. Check our Partnership program or contact us.

Can my friends use AdviFi too?


Why advertise with you and not with Google?

+ AdviFi provides you with real-life context about users’ current environment
+ AdviFi allows you to target users based on the business type of the venue they are located in (ex. malls, gyms, bars)
+ AdviFi is an innovative new advertising channel that offer access to a captive audience of users

Is it possible more than one ad to be shown at the venue?

Yes. For example the advertisers can choose their ad to be shown only on the 1st or the 10th floor in a hotel. Each router one the venue could be set as a separate advertising channel.

Can I advertise without the services of an advertising agency?

Yes, but if you don’t work with an agency, it is recommended to work with consultant. He will be able to make your investment more reliable with copywrite and design practices.

Is the platform suitable for big events?

Yes. You can earn profit with ads from the free Wi-Fi connection on your event and we can cooperate you for that. It is economically reasonable mostly if you expect thousand of people to visit the event. Contact us to discuss the details.

Why should I join the platform right now?

The first ones are always the privileged ones. The venues that are joining us now will have an exclusive service and additional support further. We can cover our cooperation in our blog and do some other bonuses for your business image as well.

Will you update the site with new information?

We constantly update the site and add new content, including new frequently asked questions.




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