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Collider Class of 2016 Demo Day and AdviFi

Collider Demo Day 2016 is only days away and the excitement in our team is growing with every second. Being part of Collider has been an incredibly insightful journey for our team. The last four months were full of meetings with one of the major brands, professionals and investors.

Starting from coaching on branding, team alignment and storytelling to speed dating with great teams such as Unilever and DigitasLBi, the Collider programme has boosted immensely our team’s learning curve. It would have been impossible to gain all the insights we have generated by any other means. We are proud that we were given the chance to learn from the best in the UK advertising industry.

AdviFi madtech startup

Our aim and vision

AdviFi vision is to create the world’s first open programmatic WiFi advertising network and London is our first major target. We are creating a layer on top of the existing WiFi connection at various venues (bars, malls, stadiums) which allows them to generate new advertising income with no effort at no fees. On the other hand, we allow advertisers to precisely target their potential customers based on the type of the venue users are located in and their past consumer behaviour. So next time, instead of seeing static and generic WiFi ads that makes you either pay for the internet or share your personal details – you would see AdviFi, simple page for users, but powerful tool for marketers!

Join the WiFi ad revolution and explore more about our startup here, in our social channels or just come to our Demo Day (22nd of March, 3.00 pm at 146 Brick Lane).

Here is a sneak peek on some of our slides 😉




The event :

3:00pm – Registration & Networking
3:30pm – Opening Remarks from Michael Islip; CEO, Digitaslbi
3:35pm – Welcome To The Madtech Event Of The Year from Rose Lewis; Co-founder, Collider
3:40pm – Making Working With Startups Work – Dan Cresta, Exterion Media; Jeremy Basset, the Unilever Foundry, David Prasher Haymarket
4:00pm – THE CLASS OF 2016 STARTUPS – AdviFi will be presenting in this slot!
4:50pm – A wrap-up to demo day from our mentor and co-founder of Collider, Andy Tait
5:00pm – Demos, Drinks, Discuss
Get Your Hands On The Latest Tech & Connect to the AdviFi WiFi

The name of the WiFi connection is “Madtech WiFi by AdviFi”, make sure you connect to see how our platform works live.

Learn more about Collider Demo Day 2016 on our special event page and don’t forget to tweet about AdviFi @advifi
See you there!

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