New milestone achieved: 20+ venues on

Our team is extremely thrilled to announce the new milestone that we have achieved: 25 venues have registered on to open their wifi landing pages for external advertisers! And we are counting… Every week we are in contact with new venues that want to start working with

Among our 20+ early adopters are the Mall, one of the most popular shopping centre in Sofia; Spaghetti Company, again leaders in the Italian cuisine; Sugar club, :PM club and Mixtape that offer wide variety of music soundscapes, but also other venues that we are proud of : Smuggler’s Dinner, Ciccione, La Skara, piano bar Poison, Kanaal and many more.

All of these venues bring great value to our platform as they are maintaining a diverse group of visitors and clients that could be then re-targeted by the Advertisers who register on our platform. For instance, marketers could utilize the current consumer behaviour of the visitor at the Mall : they are people in a shopping mood that could be easily converted to discover new brands and products. Restaurants such as Spaghetti Company, Ciccione, Smuggler’s Dinner and Miss Kapriz also serve as an example of venues that offer wide user base of clients that are close to the point-of-sale. Beverage brands could easily convert them to test their products or engage with them in an interesting promotion campaign.


Next steps…
While we are continuing to develop our user base in Bulgaria, from November onwards we will expand our marketing forces to the United Kingdom, where we will work on attracting new venues and advertisers. team is also attending WebSummit 2015 in search for key international partnerships and financial support for expansion.

We have also applied for The Entrepreneur First programme, based in London and NACUE, the UK’s leading membership organisation for young entrepreneurs. Vote for here!

We will keep you posted!
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