How much revenue could I generate, using W1Fi ad network?

As you know, any public venue that provides free Wi-Fi to its customers could generate income by displaying relevant Wi-Fi adverts from the ad network. The answer to the question ‘how much’ depends on several things:

Number of views

Logically, the income of most of the businesses depends on the inflow of customers that a venue has. Similarly, the income from Wi-Fi advertising that you could possibly generate is bind to the number of times your customers connect to the Wi-Fi. The more customers you have, the higher the income.

Sample calculations:

If you have around 2,000 clients per month and we suggest that most of them connect to the free Wi-Fi at your venue, then you could expect an income varying between 200 – 400 EUR for the first couple of months.


Type of location

The adverts that will be displayed upon connecting to the Wi-Fi are relevant to the type of venue that you own. If you have a restaurant, you could expect to see adverts about wines, beverages and other products relevant to your business. Hence, if you are an owner of similar trendy location that will be appealing to advertisers, you could expect greater income from Wi-Fi advertising.


More than income

Beside the advertising income you will generate by registering on, you will also win an opportunity to display your own adverts on your own router for free on the unoccupied impressions. You could advertise the lunch menu or the new summer cocktails, or you could ask your customers to like your fan page. In parallel the third party adverts will also be displayed. Thus, on one hand you increase you income and on the other hand you advertise your own business for free.


How to become Hotspot?

Becoming a W1Fi Hotspot is easy. You have to register here and follow the installation instructions. We provide full support, therefore if you do not have a technical expert in your team, you could always call / email us for assistance.

In conclusion, if you register on, you will generate more income from your Wi-Fi connection than you are generating right now 😉

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